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    Ran across this article this morning.  It’s amazing.  In Africa, there is a region that is splitting apart, which will one day create a new ocean.  This is something never before observed in nature, so it’s really interesting.  The visual pictures associated with this article are absolutely fascinating and beautiful, and the article itself is very informative.

    So, check it out.  Be sure to view it as a slideshow as well to see stunning pictures.

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  • 10.03.2008 4 Comments

    This has been a long week for me.  Specifically, work has been frustrating due to coworker problems and a concern I have about leadership, but I won’t get detailed about that here.  Plus, I learned about a student at one of my schools being subjected to some of the worst things imaginable… that never makes one feel good.  In addition, I’ve been having some problems in my personal life.  Well, not “problems” really, but stress about a relationship and stuff like that.

    One cool thing that happened this week is a coworker and friend gave me some “yard eggs.”  I had never heard of these before.  Well, she grew up on “the riverbanks” and we joke all the time about her country words and phrases.  This is another one, that means that the eggs come from chickens in the yard.  Her sister raises chickens (and I hope to get a couple from her at some point).  So, she gave me a dozen yard eggs.  I am going to feel ok eating these eggs.



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