• 11.19.2008

    I know I said I wouldn’t put drama on here… but it’s not real specific, so I’m counting it as a compromise.

    Sometimes, life sucks. Last week was an extremely stressful week. I had all kinds of family problems and relationship problems. This week, the family problems have gotten worse. Left my parents house extremely upset tonight. Just sent my mother an email that wasn’t “ugly,” but was pretty forceful about some things. I’ll probably regret sending it later.

    Oh well. It’s times like these I’m glad that time just keeps marching on…

    Posted by Josh @ 9:57 pm


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    • SMS Says:

      Well, just think life could be a lot worse. Life has also been hard for me ut i also won’t go into details. I’ll only say that I am one lucky person! God has truly blessed me with so many gifts. I hope this week turns out a bit better for you. O and if I don’t get to say this later, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

    • Josh Says:

      Indeed. The month of November for me has been a very very bad month. Life’s like that sometimes though. And you better be saying Merry Christmas a little closer to Christmas. It’s still early.

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