• 12.12.2008

    For some reason, our family has had a recent tradition of wanting to take on some gigantic home improvement task around the holidays.  Last year, it was tiling the floor of a bathroom, the year before it was redoing the walls in that bathroom, and the year before that it was painting interior rooms.  The summer before that was repainting the outside of the house.

    This year is no exception.  Several years back, my parents’ had the foundation of the house propped up.  In the dining room, the ceiling had a severe crack that caused a whole section of sheetrock to hang down an inch.  There were also several cracks in the walls.  And the floor felt like it was crumbling beneath your feet.  Well, my mom decides it’s time to fix the room.  So she hires a guy to rehang the drywall, patch the cracks in the walls, and remove some really old and peeling wallpaper.  To do all this, everything had to be removed from the room.  This meant it was a prime time to also re-do the floor.

    So I pulled up the 30 year old carpet, and was greeted with a carpet pad that was completely glued to the concrete floor.

    Removing the Old Carpet

    Removing the Old Carpet

    You can see from the picture (besides my dorkiness) in the background is some parts of the pad that stuck to the concrete.  The black area on the other side of the roll of carpet is the pad that didn’t come up on that end of the room.

    I used a long-handled scraper to remove large chunks of the stuck on pad, but the adhesive was very difficult to remove.  So I purchased some adhesive remover which works fantastically.  I’ve used one gallon and I will need to use two more.  I plan to do that on Saturday or Sunday, to hopefully have a clean concrete floor ready for tiling by early next week.

    In the meantime, we still have to wait on the guy to finish his work. Then we will need to paint the room.  So far, we have not even pulled out any Christmas stuff because there is no room in the other areas of the house to put it since all the dining room stuff is currently out.  When my brother and sister-in-law come in from DC, hopefully we will have things done (or close to it).

    Anyway, things have been stressful lately, but doing something that just requires physical labor is helpful to make me feel productive and get my mind off other things.  I’ll post again when I have a picture of the floor completely cleaned.

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    • David Says:

      I know how you feel, my wife decided it would be a good time to do some major work to our kitchen. You should come look at it. But, the only question I have is, Are you the only one helping?

    • Josh Says:

      Oh, really? Yeah, I will have to see that.

      Jessica comes in tonight, and she and my mom will help paint and tile. But scraping off the old adhesive is a fun task just for me

    • SMS Says:

      O and BTW you look like a COMPLETE dork in that picture!

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