• 12.15.2008

    I have finally fixed my contact page where it will actually contact me. I spent a little time changing up a standard script used by people to send email. I wanted to make it where it would not be so easy for people to send me spam. I have used this script on a website before but I would get several junk messages a week through it.

    Considering that most spam is sent by bots and not by real people, a few non-standardized changes should help out tremendously.  So if you want to send me an email through the contact form, make sure you follow the directions.  There are two checkboxes, one checked, one not checked.  It’s not likely a bot will uncheck one and check the other, but that’s the only way for valid mail to get to me.

    P.S. Yes, the contact form does work, so there is no need to send me a “does this work?” message!

    Posted by Josh @ 12:31 pm

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