• 09.08.2009 No Comments

    Saw an interesting story in New Scientist today. Evidently, scientists may have determined a way to genetically alter animals to no longer experience pain. The question raised in the article is what implications this may have on livestock animals.

    The argument is made that if cattle, for example, are no longer able to feel pain, perhaps there will be less ethical delimas related to factory-farming practices. (Think your meat purchases come from smaller farmers? “In the U.S., four companies produce 81 percent of cows, 73 percent of sheep, 57 percent of pigs and 50 percent of chickens.”) I would argue that even though one could eliminate the ability for an animal to feel pain, it does not mean that the animal should be treated in an inhumane way. This solution also does not address the significant impact factory farming has on the environment.

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