• 12.04.2010 1 Comment

    Nope, I’m not dead! But wow, it sure has been a long time since I’ve posted on here. It’s funny… when nothing is happening in my life, I post on a blog. When a lot is happening, I am too busy to post!

    Some things that have occurred:
    * I moved! I live in a new town now. The house is totally ready for a LOT of home improvement projects!
    * I did a ton of work on my old house (which is now rented), one day I’ll have to upload some photos.
    * Lots of camping trips, including probably the best trip I’ve ever taken this past summer.
    * Oh, and personal stuff too, but that doesn’t go here.

    I also have some “big plans” in mind for this upcoming year. We will see how it unfolds!