• 12.04.2010 1 Comment

    Nope, I’m not dead! But wow, it sure has been a long time since I’ve posted on here. It’s funny… when nothing is happening in my life, I post on a blog. When a lot is happening, I am too busy to post!

    Some things that have occurred:
    * I moved! I live in a new town now. The house is totally ready for a LOT of home improvement projects!
    * I did a ton of work on my old house (which is now rented), one day I’ll have to upload some photos.
    * Lots of camping trips, including probably the best trip I’ve ever taken this past summer.
    * Oh, and personal stuff too, but that doesn’t go here.

    I also have some “big plans” in mind for this upcoming year. We will see how it unfolds!

  • 03.20.2010 No Comments

    The past few days I’ve been doing a lot of research on the Dead Sea Scrolls. Although I believed I had a cursory knowledge of their history and contents, I have discovered my “cursory knowledge” wasn’t much at all.

    I’m working on a Wednesday night program for the youth group on them. The group has been working on an indepth Bible study program. This past week, there was some discussion about the Dead Sea Scrolls, and I didn’t have the knowledge to answer the questions. But now, I’m going to do a whole program on the scrolls. Really looking forward to it. I hope they enjoy it.

  • 03.03.2009 No Comments

    Yep. Someone actually studied the origins of belly button lint.

    Secret of Lint


  • 12.15.2008 1 Comment

    I have finally fixed my contact page where it will actually contact me. I spent a little time changing up a standard script used by people to send email. I wanted to make it where it would not be so easy for people to send me spam. I have used this script on a website before but I would get several junk messages a week through it.

    Considering that most spam is sent by bots and not by real people, a few non-standardized changes should help out tremendously.  So if you want to send me an email through the contact form, make sure you follow the directions.  There are two checkboxes, one checked, one not checked.  It’s not likely a bot will uncheck one and check the other, but that’s the only way for valid mail to get to me.

    P.S. Yes, the contact form does work, so there is no need to send me a “does this work?” message!

  • 11.19.2008 2 Comments

    I know I said I wouldn’t put drama on here… but it’s not real specific, so I’m counting it as a compromise.

    Sometimes, life sucks. Last week was an extremely stressful week. I had all kinds of family problems and relationship problems. This week, the family problems have gotten worse. Left my parents house extremely upset tonight. Just sent my mother an email that wasn’t “ugly,” but was pretty forceful about some things. I’ll probably regret sending it later.

    Oh well. It’s times like these I’m glad that time just keeps marching on…


  • 09.25.2008 No Comments

    Wow. Things keep getting pretty crazy with regards to the presidential campaign. I was shocked when I learned McCain placed his campaign “on hold” until a general agreement could be made on the financial crisis. I’m very concerned he may be committing political suicide. Hopefully, the debate will go on in Mississippi, because I think all evidence shows McCain is a superior debater to Obama. What a risk this is… I hope it pays off for the McCain campaign, but we will see how it all shakes down.

    There is a lot of blame flying around about the crisis and how we got into it. I found this video to be a good explanation of an idea of where the blame should be placed:

    Housing Crisis Video


  • 09.04.2008 8 Comments

    Ok, so here is my first post.  This is mainly for testing purposes more than anything else.  However, it could be that this becomes the ONLY post on this entire blog (I have a hard time remembering to write).  Even more so, I doubt anyone will find anything I have to say worthwhile.  I also find it a little arrogant to think that anything I have to say matters.

    But, with that said, I do occasionally want to rant about something… so this gives me the opportunity.