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    Has anyone not been completely shocked by the way the presidential race has been changed now that Sarah Palin is on the Republican ticket?

    It amazes me.  Now, I consider myself Libertarian, but McCain is moderate enough to get my vote (that and I truly believe if Obama is elected, extreme left policies will be put in place and he has no idea how to lead).  Palin is far from moderate.  On most social issues, I agree with Democrats and on most Goverment issues I agree with Republicans.  So, Palin’s very very conservative social stance does not agree with my personal politics, but you can’t help (no matter who you support) but be impressed with her.

    Did you know that almost 39 MILLION people tuned in to watch McCain’s nomination speech? That’s 500k more than Obama’s record-breaking numbers.  But I certainly attribute it to Sarah Palin.  Over 37 million tuned in for her speech! (Compared to Biden’s 24 million.) And she certainly delivered.  The press had been dogging her for days and I was shocked and upset at how unfairly she was being treated.  Questions were asked of her that shouldn’t be asked.  And questions were asked that SHOULD be asked of Obama but haven’t been pushed.  Well, the plan backfired — she delivered an amazing speech.  If you didn’t see it, go watch it on youtube.

    So, with Palin uniting the conservative base, that left McCain to give his nomination speech on what I was hoping to hear: letting people know he has a record of working across the aisle; avoiding strong attacks on Obama; and presenting a message of hope for our country.  It was the right speech, at the right time (39 million reasons why).  So, it’s a new campaign… I’m very excited.

    The press continues to dig and dig and try to find something on Palin, but, so far, they have little to show for their work.  You can tell that democrats and the media that support them are truly scared of Palin.  I believe this may be the spark to put this election away.  But if you watch CNN, you can see the attacks developing and then moving on as they never get any ground… it’s great! (I would watch MSNBC for the attacks, but I just can’t stomach it.)

    Here’s an example: Palin said in her speech that the governors office owned a jet, and that was wasteful.  So she says she put it on ebay.  Well, CNN is saying that she is deceptive because it didn’t sell on ebay.  It was sold later by private auction.  So…. she DID list it on ebay (which is what she said), and it DID sell (but other auction), right? Wow… she is soo misleading.  Good thing we have the investigative team of reporters to check into such lies.

    So, yeah.  I’m hoping 60 days from now, McCain/Palin will win the election.

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