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    I was a little concerned that it might not make it to me alive, but IT DID!

    The little guy (or girl) is only about 1 1/4 inch long from leg to leg, but is quite alive and pretty fast moving too.  I bought this coconut husk stuff that is used as a substrate for his new home, which is a ziploc plastic container with holes poked in it.  It seems lame, but, evidently, while they are this small, they can find their way out of large enclosures, or make themselves hidden.  So until he/she gets bigger, that will be it’s home.

    Here’s the picture! It’s very docile and I had no problem getting it on my hand and seems comfortable there.  I just have to be careful because if it fell off my hand a few feet, it would probably die.  So in the background you can see my hideous sheets on my bed.  I was only about 6 inches away from the matress.

    Spider in Hand

    Spider in Hand

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    Perhaps I am nuts.  I have been frequenting a site I used to visit all the time, the SomethingAwful forums.

    Well, there is a sub-forum called “SA-Mart” which allows members to sell and buy various things.  I have recently been spending a little dough on odds and ends.  There is a member who raises tarantulas, scorpions, and millepedes.  He sells them on the site.  He just listed two more varieties, including “Grammostola aureostriata,” which is a supposedly docile species that can grow up to 8 inches.

    Of course, I had to have one.  Now I’ve just gotta clean out my old gecko cage and get it ready for the octopede.  The picture is of this species… doesn’t it look… friendly?



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